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We lay floors that will protect your concrete floor from every challenge you throw at it.

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What is Garage Flooring?

Your garage is likely to be the most used and most neglected space in your Charlotte home. From parking your car, using it for storage, as a workshop or even a mancave, your garage floor experiences it all.
If the concrete is not sealed and protected from daily activities, it becomes an expanse of cracks, stains, dust and tired looking concrete.
This is where our epoxy garage flooring comes in.
With our high-performance two-part epoxy resin, your North Carolina garage floor will be protected from cracking, chipping, stains, chemicals, abrasion, moisture and hot tire pick-up.
Our decorative floors are designed to make your concrete garage floor more durable and pleasing to the eye, while saving you time, energy and money to clean and maintain it.

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Our Process

A simple process for a long-lasting epoxy garage floor

Floor preparation is the key to every long-lasting epoxy garage floor.
At Titan Garage Floors we have a meticulous installation process that pays attention to every small detail.
The small details are what ensures your garage lasts for many years.
This is why we offer a 15 year warranty on all of our garage floors.

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Diamond Grinding

Whether your concrete floor is new or old, we always start by diamond grinding the floor. This will ensure that the concrete slab is clean from oil, dirt, grime, old coatings and that the concrete pores are open for the epoxy to bond with the concrete.

Concrete Floor Repair

Once the concrete is clean, we move on to repairing any cracks, divots and holes. No matter what defect your floor has we take our time to properly repair it.
This simple task of sealing the defects is crucial for the structural integrity of your epoxy flooring.

Primer, Base Coat and Flakes

Once we are happy with the look of the concrete and all cracks and holes have been repaired, we move on to applying epoxy primer, basecoat and broadcasting the colored flakes.

Scrape and Topcoat

When the basecoat is fully cured, we scrape off the excess flakes.
Once all loose flakes are removed, we then seal the floor with a polyaspartic urethane clear top coat. The topcoat will seal all gaps between the flakes and create a smooth floor surface.
Our top coat product has an exceptionally quick tack free time of around 1-2 hours for foot traffic.

Garage Flooring Charlotte Benefits

Titan Garage Floor’s epoxy system is the most advanced, long-wearing floor finish of its kind with an impressive warranty of 15 years.

Durable & Long-Lasting

With its 4 layered system epoxy flake is thicker than normal epoxy and more durable than tiles or vinyl. Epoxy flake flooring can easily withstand the wear and tear produced by daily activities, without loosing its appearance.

Easy to Clean

Epoxy flake flooring has a non-porous surface, meaning dirt, grime and liquids cannot penetrate the floor. The smooth surface makes flake flooring extremely easy to clean and maintain. Read here to find out how you can keep your floor clean.

Seals and protects the Concrete

Concrete alone is prone to cracking and chipping. As it is also porous it is prone to stains. Epoxy coatings are much stronger than concrete. When applied on top of it, they protect the concrete from damage and stains.

UV stable & moisture resistant

Our topcoats are 100% UV stable, protecting your floor from discoloration under direct sunlight. The epoxy base coat we use, provides moisture resistance and forms a waterproof barrier preventing your new floor from lifting and peeling off. This is what makes epoxy flake flooring the best and most affordable flooring for your driveway, patio, or pool deck.

Decorative finish

Flake flooring Charlotte is one of the most customizable and decorative flooring options on the market. You can choose from a variety of flake blends to match your interior, brand colors or even your favorite team.

Provides a Non-Slip Surface

Even though epoxy flake flooring is smooth the flakes do create a slight texture. If non-slip flooring is required we add an anti-slip agent in with the final topcoat.

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