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Protect your concrete floors from stains, damage, wear and tear and corrosion.

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What is Clear Epoxy Flooring?

Do you love the look of bare concrete, but tired of the constant concrete dusting and the impossible mission of keeping your concrete floor clean and free of damage?
With clear epoxy flooring you can preserve the natural look of your Charlotte concrete floor, while protecting it from stains and damage.
Our solvent based polyaspartic urethane clear coating is ideal for indoor concrete floors. It provides an excellent chemical and abrasion resistance, while preserving the natural look of your concrete floors.
It darkens the appearance of the concrete while still providing that natural look. With a clear system you will see the concrete underneath and its natural form and texture.
It is ideal for Charlotte's residential indoor floors such as basements, foyers, laundry rooms and entryways.

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Our Process

A simple process for a long-lasting epoxy garage floor

Floor preparation is the key to every long-lasting epoxy floor Charlotte.
At Titan Garage Floors Charlotte we have a meticulous installation process that pays attention to every small detail.
The small details are what ensures your floor lasts for many years and why we offer a 15 year warranty on all of our epoxy floors.

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Diamond Grinding

Every floor we do starts by mechanically grinding the concrete, to remove any dirt, grime, oil and stains. We also achieve the the right concrete profile for the polyaspartic urethane to bond with the concrete.

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Concrete Floor Repair

Once the top layer of the concrete floor is removed, we move on to repairing any cracks, divots and holes. No matter what defect your floor has we take our time to properly repair it.
This simple task of sealing the defects is crucial for the structural integrity of your final flooring.

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Base Coat

Once we are done with repairing the floor and smoothing out the repairs, we move to applying the clear polyaspartic urethane fast-curing polymer. This is the first step of sealing your concrete floor. The base coat will darken the appearance of the concrete floor while still providing that natural look.

Epoxy Flooring Basecoat Charlotte


The final step is to apply a protective fast curing topcoat. The topcoat will add an extra layer of strength and protection to the floor. It will make it more durable, chemical resistant and easy to clean and maintain.
Your floor will be ready to walk on couple of hours after installation.

Clear epoxy floor coating topcoat

Seal Coating Benefits

With its clean and rustic look clear epoxy flooring is becoming the preferred flooring choice for many homeowners in Charlotte, NC and surrounding areas.

Durable & Long-Lasting

Our clear coatings are designed to stand up to chipping, scratching and other types of damage. While preventing liquids from penetrating, damaging or staining your concrete.
As our concrete sealers penetrate the concrete surface, they wear away only when the substrate surface wears away, between 5-10 years depending on how heavy the traffic is.

Concrete Dusting

Unpolished and untreated concrete is porous, which results in fine concrete dust laying around your property. This concrete dust is not only bad for your health, but can also damage delicate equipment. By sealing your concrete and preventing the wear and tear, you are ultimately protecting your health and your property.

Easy to Clean

With its smooth surface, sealed concrete won't harbor any dirt, dust or allergens, making it easy to clean, requiring only occasional mopping.
The sealed concrete also resists the marking of heavy equipment and staining from oils and chemical spills. Read here to find out how you can keep your floor clean.

Water Tight

The most common places we find untreated concrete is basements, garages, foyers and entryways. The thing these places have in common is the constant access to water.
Concrete sealers are water tight, preventing water from soaking into the concrete and damaging it. It also prevents concrete joints corrosion caused by water.

Budget friendly

The floor preparation and the upkeep of clear epoxy coatings is relatively low compared to polished concrete. Yet it is as tough, durable and long-lasting.

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